Falling To Pisces

by Randal Prater



This is my debut solo album. I played all the parts myself. I’m quite proud of this recording and hope you will enjoy it. This was my zodiac project. Twelve tracks, each representing an astrological sign, starting with Aries and ‘falling’ to Pisces. But, while most people focus on the sun sign (I’m a Scorpio), I wanted to write about the moon sign (I’m a Pisces) because that is our hidden or ’secret’ side.


released March 20, 2008

All songs written and recorded by Randal Prater (BMI). Mastered by Ray Muirwood. Cover photo by Dave Heidemann. Published by Doldrum (BMI).


all rights reserved



Randal Prater Seattle, Washington

Singer-songwriter with four solo albums. Former frontman for Creeping Myrtle and The Pagan States.

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Track Name: Dusting For Angels
Pull up a cloud and watch the sky explode
It’s not a sight you’ll want to miss
The silver loom will spin the world around
And make it different

The saddest eyes I’ve ever seen before
Radiate true happiness
Will someone tell me why supreme delight
Finds us as we fade

Oh, yeah, I failed to mention that I’m
Dead, but please don’t fear me
Just one look and then I’ll go
I’m dusting for angels
No telling what the world will find
And leave behind

Now I wonder why the sun is shining
We don’t need that spirit here
The many splendours of the falling end
Bring me happiness

So now, I’m dusting for angels
The dead will never fear me
Just one look and then I’ll go
I’m dusting for angels
No telling what the world will find
And leave behind

I’m still dusting for angels
The spiritus is near me
Just one touch and then you’ll know
We’re dusting for angels
No telling what the world was meant to find

Angel dust
Angel dust
Track Name: Retrograde
The retrograde is firmly overrated
The sun rises above the earth
The Dom and sub are finally fornicating
The sun and moon are under me

Time to live for today
Stop painting every rainbow grey
Retrograde, retrograde
Embrace the earth or blow away
Track Name: Giving Up The Ghost
A misted place took so much space
In yesterday’s fixation
The falling snow is all I know
From innocence to aged
I embrace the eyes that follow
Partly me, partly you

Remember when the summer’s end
Would bring the sky to weeping
Little boy, man in moon
Whoever passes first
Will leave behind some news to swallow
You’re in me, I’m in you

Giving up the ghost
Giving up the ghost

To Madison from Ashland
Quite the undertaking
You’ll get to know the falling snow
The dance of death is quite a show

Giving up the ghost
With the fear we choose to host
I’ll give you just a little dose
So that I may keep the most
Track Name: Mothers Of Uncertain Tranquility
The mothers are certain
That all is well
They say it’s a secret
So, please don’t tell

A dance in the moonlight
Is something obscene
Absorbing forever
The life of a dream

Serenity is decay
The future’s past be told
Surrender is not obligating
They know, they know

The forest is too silent
The air is bleak
The mothers of uncertain

Will feather your secrets
And keep them alive
Then shelter your children
From seeing the light

I know what you’re thinking now
This tale’s been told
The future is past contemplating about
I know, I know
They know, you know

A life takes its leaving
As death passes through
Say hi to forever
We sure will miss you
Track Name: Permagrin
Leo rising
Feel her sin
She is flying
Time is thin

The sun is shining
From within
Keep on smiling

Leo rising
The sun is shining
A new day is dawning
So keep on smiling
Keep on

A new day dawning
From within
The fire’s dying
On her sin

The sun is shining
Catch the wind
Just keep on smiling
Track Name: Bathed In Lavender
Heaven speaks to me
In the daylight
Darkness whispers free
In the moonlight

I’m bathed in lavender
The purple people treat me fine
Bathed in lavender
The purple

Liquid cleanses me
From the outside
What will keep me clean
On the inside

I’m bathed in lavender
The purple fills the air tonight
Bathed in lavender
The purple people treat me fine

Step inside Paradise
Close your eyes and make some dreams tonight
Track Name: Recto-Verso
Bad is good for me
It’s pleasure, it’s ecstasy
Good is bad for you
It’s sadness and misery

Take a trip with me
Whiskey and the sea
Keep away from me
I don’t drink, I hate the water

Recto-verso whoa-oh
My machismo whoa-oh
Is feminine-fed

Keep the scales in line
Calibrate the dime
The air is where the sky collides
Company loves misery
So, hide your eyes and smile
Let’s get high a while
The ride is fine
The other side is mine

Recto-verso whoa-oh
My machismo whoa-oh
Is feminine-fed

Recto-verso whoa-oh
My machismo grows
With feminine head
Track Name: Any Given Tomorrow
Full bright, dauber down, words are colours
Good thoughts dancing in my dome
There’s a fine line between guilt and bliss
When you’re born on the second day of Scorpio

Ride the cloud, they say that we come from water
Stinging is what we do on dry Earth
A pill and some swill will fill the bill
But, silly smoke is what I need

Any given tomorrow
Looks better than yesterday
The sun shines brighter than sorrow
Embrace what’s left of today

My head is in the clouds, but I’m tall
So, my feet are still on the Earth
Mirror opposites and happy accidents
Suspend like skyboxes in a default sky
Track Name: Forevermore
A cold winter is when you came to be
A smile on the seventh day
A future for me
Fast forward fate to ninety-eight
When things became clear

Forever is a long time if we’re lucky
Forever is a long time if you’re lucky
Forever is a long time if I’m lucky
Forever, forever is a long time
Forever, forever if we’re lucky

Forever is a long time if we’re lucky
Track Name: Dawn Dusks Midnight
Dawn dusks midnight, the blue
Through tears that fall, rip daylight in two
Shrouds of you drift through my tomb
Of yesterday’s altered gloom
Track Name: The Kissing Window
Yeah, I know, I know, I know
Dear, you forgot to kiss me here
Roll it down so you’ll hear as I say
You cannot get away
My lips are on your face
Track Name: Pisces
It’s high time to wander
To withdraw to the dream
It’s my rhyme to ponder
My Moon, my sea
They say it’s the secret side
That hides the key
Those rumours of sinking
Are drowning me
Escaping within my means
An unbridled peace
I feel like I’m falling to Pisces