by Randal Prater



released December 18, 2014

Mastering by Graig ( - Cover photo by Damien Di Toro (

Tracks 1 & 4 published by In Spades Music (BMI) - Track 7 published by Groove Bunker (ASCAP)
Track 9 published by Fools Of The World, LTD. (ASCAP) - Tracks 1 - 8 published by Doldrum (BMI)

Copyright 2014 Randal Prater.


all rights reserved



Randal Prater Seattle, Washington

Singer-songwriter with four solo albums. Former frontman for Creeping Myrtle and The Pagan States.

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Track Name: Glass Half Full
You can't draw women with straight lines
Whatever your fears are, they aren’t mine
I cleared through the fog and the clutter up in my head
Now all the curves follow to lips of red

Endless optimistic dreams are what I wish for you tonight
Sunny days ahead are calling for imagination
With a glass half full

We’re cut from the same cloth alright
A fluttering heart is alive
I searched through the stanzas rhyming with orange all day

Now every line follows your smiling face back home to me tonight
Starry skies are simply painting our appreciation
Raise a glass half full

Feel the rays on sunny days with time to play
Track Name: From Bleak To Bliss
You’ve seen all I’ve seen
And I can feel your heart is sinking
Drifting at sea with urgency
We will find the shore

Close your eyes and give us a smile
Spend every wish that was sent with a kiss
Open your eyes
We’re there

I hope I’m not too late
To go from bleak to bliss again
I tell myself to wait
But, patience is a waste of time

Roll your eyes and give us a smile
Catch every kiss that was sent with a wish
Open your heart
We’re here
Track Name: Circumcenter
Triads and triangles, three
Two of us, one that can lead
The hat trick of bliss was capped off by this
Forevermore waltzing our dream
The floor is a shroud of nine little clouds
The center of Isosceles

And we’ll dance through the night
Until the pale blue morning sky
Radiates from your eyes
And I feel my hand on the small of your back
In our circumcenter we are one with our love

Sublime with substance unseen
Both of us know where that leads
The belfry bats kiss and fly to their bliss
Forevermore singing their dream
Track Name: The Slow Burn
I met you when I closed my eyes
You were gone with the dawn
We live with lessons learned
We miss the slow burn

You're like a little firefly
Out in the distance
That gives me hope

Sometimes the embrace
Happens with the mind
And without the body
Track Name: Little Moon
You are a lighthouse in a foggy world
I'm greedy for all your tomorrows
Muses were in short supply until I looked to the sky
To find the difference between champagne and sorrow

Little moon, you orbit around me
Like the softest light where shadows hide
Little moon, blue skies are dark and free
The longest night where heavens shine

Smokey blue bliss paints the sky behind you
I'm free from choosing doors to sorrow
Whispering winds, no surprise, until I looked through those eyes
To find the Earth is happy to bask in Luna's glow
Track Name: Blueberries & Bicycles
Green Lake sunrise
The perfect day
Pedaling through petals
Blueberry haze

Sunshine on the smiling faces
Makes up for the cloudy days
Up ahead it's getting clearer
Sorrow is the rearview mirror

Blow away, fog and rain
My ride won't wait today

Starlight surprise
The perfect night
Pedaling through heaven
With flashing lights

Cherry blossoms perfect bloom
Will be missed if you look away
One more time around the lake
And then I'll make my way back home

Love life and it will guide you
With each and every breath that you take

The sky points the way
No more Winter's icy cold
The key to the perfect day
Blueberries and bicycles
Track Name: Perfect In Our Space
Feeling so low
Hazy and hollow
Midnight follows
No sunshine tomorrow
Hope will show
And you’ll know

There’s a modulation coming
We can ride the waveform all the way
There’s a modulation
We can ride the wave
With imagination flowing
We can fly through sunny skies all day
With imagination
We can feel the sun

There’s a reason to be wishing
With a mantra banishing the rain
There’s a time for wishing
We can feel the sun
It’s a love no longer missing
There is no more need to be afraid

Science of silence
Being very still and quiet
Method to this madness
Perfect in our space
Track Name: Sunday Morning High
Lonely eyes awake to a new day
Dawn is yawning as the sun is kissing you
Such a lovely way to bliss the day away
Evening falls before the hope can make it through

Once you've been to heaven you'll see
Earth loses luster and sheen
Living the very same dream
Weaving threads into the same soul

Sunday morning high

Angel wings will fly in a new way
Breath of life will come as I am kissing you
Release is for today as cares are washed away
Evening falls before the hope can see us through