by Randal Prater



This album contains all of the songs from Creeping Myrtle's first three E.P.’s entitled “Bead” (1994), “Peculiar” (1995), and “Corduroy” (1997).


released October 24, 1997

All songs written and recorded by Randal Prater (BMI). Mastered by Ray Muirwood. Published by Doldrum (BMI).


all rights reserved



Randal Prater Seattle, Washington

Singer-songwriter with four solo albums. Former frontman for Creeping Myrtle and The Pagan States.

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Track Name: Dooms Of Love
Weed all the lies and the truth does shine
Bleed all the daytimes into night
Free from the chains of the king and his charm
See no cause for alarm

Breathe all your sighs into a frown
Through a grey sky the sun goes down
He’ll never loosen up his reign
Hope and pain

In the night I can hear your sighs
I see your auburn hair and feel your smile
I dream away until we remain
And dooms of love come calling

I see you and love spins me round
Wings of flight have touched the ground
Reality shackles joy
Your father’s ploy

A-ha, true love’s plight
Ha-ha, so claim your birthright
Abandon royal blood for now
A peasant’s love is quite endowed

The sunrise lifts above the land
Ha-ha, dear king, you’ve just been banned
Count yourself high - you’ll just fall down
Another head bears your crown

Randal Prater - Voices, Guitars, Bass, Drums
Track Name: Waveform
The tide comes in
It leaves the air so sweet
I’m feeling chilled
The kind that makes me sleep

Falling into a dream
I’m so tired
Floating out to sea
I’m free
Sailing high on a waveform made for me
It’s okay
I ride the breeze ’til I’m beached in ecstasy

The sun is black
The clouds all follow suit
The flashes fade
And rain comes crashing down

A walrus smiles
And dances as I laugh
Am I awake
My consciousness still plays

Life at sea suits me fine
Waves of comfort form the years
Isolation is my friend

Into a dream
I’m so tired
So tired

Randal Prater - Voices, Guitars, Bass, Drums
Erin Claussen - Backing Voice
Track Name: Becoming Very Still
Burn bright those days behind me
Bask in their rays - ooh
I’m mesmerized by how time flies
Look inside these eyes and tell me
Are they blue or brown?
They’re green but won’t you take me down

Sometimes I feel…

Slowing down
I’m barely moving now
Slowly slower
Becoming very still

Oh, won’t you come and save me?
And tell me why these fires are burning
I’m thirsty and my mind is numb
Someone tell me something
And make it a myth

Randal Prater - Voices, Guitar
Peter Sawtell - Guitar
Brian Willett - Bass
Gary Hunt - Drums
Track Name: She Wanders
She doesn’t like the way her hair flows around her face
She doesn’t like the way her feelings always slip away
She doesn’t like the way her pain rolls up in her head
She doesn’t like the feelings it brings
Tears flow down her face

It always seems the blackest falling down, hands around your neck
I’m safe and sick - I don’t like this pain
It doesn’t go away - I don’t like to feel
It interferes with my day

She doesn’t look to see the world go by
She just drives and drives - And looking like I’m feeling too
I just want to pack my bags and go far away and stay
I’ll save up all my cash and find the girl who doesn’t like to feel

I’ll roam the world until her hair flows around my face
It doesn’t feel so bad
I roam and she wanders away

Randal Prater - Voices, Guitar
Track Name: Hallowed
Our distant spirits yearn
This emptiness can’t last
The years don’t get me clean
My mourning is my bath

Dear, the ghost of you remains in frozen time
Unchanged, but withered in decay
You left me behind
Tears are fickle and refrained
The past is mine
Our time was hallowed

The winter air brings chills
I walk the open roads
Your hazy breath I feel
The spirit flower unfolds

My journey brings me here
This river flows with life
I kiss your ring and toss
To bid you sweet good-bye

Dear, I’m crippled and afraid of losing time
I’m lame
I can’t seem to contain the loss inside
Tears are flowing
I’m amazed that angels die
Our time was hallowed

Erin Claussen - Voices
Randal Prater - Guitars, Backing Voice, Bass, Drums
Track Name: Iris Ingenue
Creaking back and forth
She rocks in time
I stare unseen
The sunlight bleeds from her pores

Iris Ingenue
Bundled in her chair
Stares into the frosted grey covered day
She sighs in tune

I shiver with cold
Warm thoughts make me stay
Others dance on by and birds fill the sky
The day is getting old

I close my eyes and hide from dull, dark days
To find a smile between the sun and rain
Dusk breaches dreams of her on cue
I pine for Iris Ingenue

The empty chair stands cold
I hear a sigh - I spin
And with those emerald fire orbed eyes, she stares
Into my soul

Randal Prater - Voices, Bass, Ebow
Track Name: Sometimes A Kiss
How about a game of truth or dare?
Oh yeah, okay, I’ll play
What were you like a hundred years ago?
Oh, yeah, okay
Tell the truth

You gave my song a little twist
Give it back - I need it
My beautiful, sweet, wild aquarian

The Texas winds are blowing
And I’m falling, falling down
The scent of you just lingers
And I’ve still got you on my pillow

Sometimes a kiss is just a kiss
Oh, yeah, okay?

The Texas winds are blowing me down
Watch me come back for more
Up, down, rise
Venus smiles as I fry for you

Randal Prater - Voice, Guitar
Peter Sawtell - Guitar
Brian Willett - Bass
Gary Hunt - Drums
Track Name: Cherry Maple
Seems you say
Dim things today
Lover, lover, lover

Come see upstairs, ooh
It’s our secret
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Let’s sleep and dream a while
See, breathe and play
Lover, lover, lover

I see heaven, ooh
It’s our secret
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Randal Prater - Voices, Guitar
Peter Sawtell - Guitar
Brian Willett - Bass
Gary Hunt - Drums
Track Name: Spectator
High breeze
Red leaves fall

Onlooking stars
So clear
I dream

I’m falling down
I see I’m free

Low flying clouds
I see the breeze
It flies under me

Randal Prater - Voices, Guitars
Track Name: Auralsoak
This song said what it needed to say without lyrics.

Randal Prater - Guitars, Voices, Tape Loops