Second Tuesday Of Never

by Randal Prater



This is my second solo album. To get a sense of duality, I invited one friend per song to add some accompaniment. I'm thrilled with everyone's contribution. My parts were mostly dry and always acoustic and simple. No drums or bass this time. It's more of an indie folk record than a rock record. I also believe it's my best collection of songs to date. I hope you'll agree!


released November 25, 2009

All songs written and produced by Randal Prater. Mastered by Ray Muirwood. Cover photo by Roger Thornhill. Published by Doldrum (BMI).


all rights reserved



Randal Prater Seattle, Washington

Singer-songwriter with four solo albums. Former frontman for Creeping Myrtle and The Pagan States.

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Track Name: Bare Branches & Beauty
Solo for so long
Lonesome, oh
Skyward I see
Clear visions

Inward reflections
Bring me peace
Skyward I see
Bare branches

Beauty to me
Consists of
One chord, one sound
Pure poetry

Bare branches & beauty
Track Name: Control Alt
The garden is as overgrown
As the details of my life
The stars are farther than you throw
And the deal is fight or flight

The alt is ready to control
With a leash that is your life
There's hesitation to be shown
When the deal is black or white
Track Name: Double Deuce
Double deuce, one day soon
Maybe redundancy is key
He's a fool, you're a jewel
Baby, we'll learn to count to three

Bop bop bop
Pop pop pop

Double liar, into the fire
Lately the poison pill is free
Live wire, can you get higher
Baby, back to the nursery

Double deuce, ride the moon
Maybe we'll play the game with three
Num Nums and Wiggles too
Say cheese and dance around with glee
Track Name: Elephant In This Room
There's an elephant in this room
And I don't know what to do
I'm so dizzy and fatigued
I close my eyes... and fly

With you it's like we're on a spaceship
That takes us farther from Earth each day
I love numbers, but I hate math
I close my eyes... and fly

Fly, fly away
Track Name: Hiding In Plain Sight
Night fell on the forest lawn
The sinking of the faces
Eyes are skipping past the spot
Where prominence replaces

Hiding in plain sight

Sentimental starlet falls
The bending of the traces
Wonder where the feeling goes
When karma comes in phases
Track Name: Latency
Lying dormant in the tender trap
Resting, waiting
Looking forward through a magic hat
Flying, dreaming

Volcanos, mostly mountains, biding time
Suspended, inactive
Waiting for a future when you're mine
Unending passion

Latency, latency
Track Name: Lazy Haze
Willow, soft as tomorrow
Pillow clouds hide the sun
Your eyes glow with a sorrow
Lazy haze, you're the one
Track Name: Mating Of The Souls
It is the fading of the home
That gives the heart a place to go
While rumours fly we do concede
That closed eyes are never free

Seconds turn to minutes and
Minutes burn through hours of
Days and nights
It's a weekly ritual

It is the mating of the souls
With such a long way to go
The concept is so sublime
But, we must wait a long, long time

Months turn to years and
Years burn through decades of
Limited time
It's a lifetime ritual
Track Name: Miss Ethereal
Lilac heather wispy morning
Brushes misty hearts a soaring
Flashes with a future, what a sight

Submissive, the cage is waiting
Feminine, your breath is baiting
Dominant, the Master, out of sight

Wait, wait

Tender is the texture of your
Tapestries of endless pleasure
Sentimental feelings in the night

One day soon we'll come together
Sinister in generous measure
Stolen is the soul in which we hide
Track Name: Moore's Law
There's a trend, an acumen
The machines will double
In two years time, they'll double

Prophesy, self-fulfilled
Twice the size of trouble
In two years time, they'll double

Moore's law
Memory capacity
Processing speed
A measure of capability
Technological driving force
Social change in our century
A deadline to meet
Track Name: Penetration
I heed the scent of fear in inspiration
Call out and plead to me
Sullen with tears, your eyes a celebration
Offer yourself to me

Stolen, your innocence waved goodbye
Bounded in ecstasy
Taken, the desperation in your eyes
Gave you the will to see

Silk is the binding force of instigation
Dashing ideas to flee
Now is the fateful time of penetration
Never will you be free
Track Name: Rush So Slowly
You don't find peace until you find all the pieces
We're thick as thieves and burning into the sky

I smile wickedly at you before closing my eyes
Our imagination steals our souls to bliss

Rush so slowly and fall to your knees, dear
The sky is fading, the dregs of the day

This doesn't happen without you, so close your eyes
Glee for the predator and gloom for the prey
Track Name: Time Is Impatient
Bloom where you're planted
Time is impatient, dear
Joy is abundant
When the dream brings you near

Your face erases shadows
Your faith eases sorrow

Bloom where you're planted
Time is impatient, dear